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At the gateway to entry, speed, accuracy, and reliability are of paramount importance. Using our cutting edge ID scanning solution, we scan IDs in just the blink of an eye. Our first of its kind ID scanning system, removes barriers to scanning IDs, not just at licensed venues, but anywhere an ID needs to be verified, offering a seemingly invisible ID scanning solution. And lets be real, who doesn’t want to go out with just their phones these days.



Use your iDU ID QR code to get into your favourite venues quicker and easier than ever before. But that’s not even the best part!! Go out to your favourite venues with just your phone and get into participating venues using your iDU ID.

Welcome Pack

What do you want to know as soon as you walk in the door to a venue? You want to know what the drink deals are for that night! So we did the hard work for you, as soon as you scan your iDU ID at participating venues you will see a welcome pack for the venue and the drink deals!!

Payment Link

So now you’ve got into the venue and you know the drink you want to get, what’s next? Well simply select our payment option link to easily purchase that drink that you’ve been thinking about ever since you walked in the door, or maybe it’s a delicious burger to accompany. Purchase whatever your heart desires with the payment link within the iDU Patron App.

Emergency Contacts

For those of us that like to be prepared and stay safe on our nights out the emergency contact function is for you. Enter your most important contacts into the Patron App and easily contact whomever those people may be at any point during the night by simply swiping and selecting the emergency contacts section.

SOS Button

In the event of an emergency on your night out, use the SOS button in the emergency contacts page and hold the button for 5 seconds and the Patron App will automatically dial 000 for you to ensure you can get the help you need as soon as possible.


So it's Friday night and you and the squad have decided to head out, using friendslink in the iDU Patron App you can now link your account to your friends accounts and select who you’re partying with on this particular night. Friendslink allows you to use all the amazing features below to make your nights even more amazing.

Find Friends

Now that you’ve linked your account to your friends accounts and chosen who the party animals are for tonight, you can see which venues your friends have scanned into and just in case you lose each other, their location. How crazy! Never lose your friends again.

Night Plan

For those of us that are social little butterflies and or love a bit of planning, the night plan is for you! Prior to going out select which venues and at what times you plan on going to these venues and we’ll send you a notification to remind you of your plan, just incase you were going to meet that special someone at the venue you nearly forgot about.

Group Chat

Now that you and your pals have all linked your accounts, and have selected your party animal friends for the night, you can now easily message each other through the group chat function in the Patron App without having to disturb your other besties that are at home fast asleep.


We don’t know about you but we love getting our photos taken at our favourite venues with our bestest of our besties and posting that photo to the gram, Facebook and the sorts to let everyone how great of a time we had. Now using our photos option, iDU Identification will send a complimentary photographer to venues and make sure you try to spot him/her to find your pics on the Patron App at the end of each month!