Automated Digital Identity Verification

Future proof your business today by making the switch to IDU’s verification of identity (VOI) solution. Digital identity verification methods are quickly becoming the go-to for businesses looking to make onboarding faster and easier for both themselves and their customers. At IDU we’re spearheading the expansion of digital verification of identity to help businesses realise the benefits of a digital VOI solution.

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Accepts over 3,500+ IDs from 180+ Countries

IDU’s verification of identity (VOI) solution provides comprehensive document coverage. Our platform accepts over 3,500+ different forms of ID from all over the world and is continually growing, making document verification easy and customer onboarding simple. This comprehensive coverage ensures that verification is completed quickly and accurately every time.

Fraud Prevention Through Biometric Verification

Using a person’s physical biometrics is an extremely effective tool in protecting against possible fraudulent activity. Using leading technology such as liveness checks and 3D face matching, IDU’s VOI solution can match a customer’s digital identity to their real identity in a matter of seconds. This gives you the ability to seamlessly and safely complete customer onboarding with the knowledge that your customers really are who they say they are.

Secure Data Management

When it comes to the verification of identity and personally identifiable data, security is of the utmost importance. IDU’s verification of identity (VOI) solution not only provides a secure verification process for customers, but also securely stores customer data on encrypted cloud based servers. This removes the need for you to physically store customer information on paper based files de-risking your data management and protecting your business.

Simple and customisable to your needs

We understand that different businesses have different verification requirements. At IDU, we offer a flexible verification of identity (VOI) solution. Whether you simply need to meet basic KYC/AML requirements or require a more comprehensive verification through multiple documents, additional DVS checks or independent database checks, our solution can be tailored to your specific needs.


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Why digitise your verification & onboarding?

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User Experience:

Manual verification can at times not only be frustrating for your business but for your customers and create a poor customer experience.

A fast and easy verification of identity process is crucial to achieving satisfaction for you and your customers. IDU’s comprehensive VOI solution makes verification simple and quick, to ensure that your customers are not having to wait hours for the verification process to be completed. Create a frictionless experience for your customers and save time across your business with IDU’s VOI solution.


Manual authentication or even other semi-digital methods where a customer uploads a photo of their ID and enters their details require a qualified team member to review each document and verification/onboarding request.  This results in an accompanying human error risk with accuracy unable to be guaranteed.

If a customer uploads a poor quality image of their documents this can also delay manual verification and it may require the whole process to start again.

IDU’s digital VOI solution completely removes the need for any paper forms or lengthy manual processes when verifying a customer’s identity. Digital verification means all your customer needs to do is provide a valid form/s of ID and take a selfie and their identity can be verified. Customers can complete this process anywhere at any time, making verification easier and faster than ever before.

Key Product Support

New account onboarding

Ensure your customer is truly who they say they are and make your customer onboarding and account creation quick, safe and scalable.


IDU is a simple method to meeting your KYC and AML requirements, providing assurance around the authenticity of a customers identity to ensure your business can safely scale.

DVS Checks

Check against the Australian Government’s Document Verification Service (DVS) to ensure an ID provided by a customer matches the government’s records.

Customer Acquisition

Scaling any business is tough, don’t make scale any harder by having a slow or clunky customer onboarding process that takes hours or days. With IDU your customers simply need a smartphone or computer, ID and themselves to be verified anywhere at any time. IDU helps you engage with your customers in new ways, moving away from any paper and supporting your business moving online and digital.