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In the RSL world, our Visitor Management fuses traditions with modern efficiency. Streamlining data and offering sharp insights, we’re here to elevate every visit. Honouring our past and gearing up for the future. Jump on board and let’s make this club journey a great one!

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Streamlined for RSL Clubs

Venture into the modern era of RSL club management with our advanced, user-friendly system. Designed to be both simple and accurate, our technology enhances every interaction, whether members and guests are in the main hall, attending a remembrance event, or relaxing in the lounge. By replacing outdated, clunky legacy systems, we skilfully combine RSL heritage with today’s efficiency. This integration simplifies operations, fosters camaraderie, and delivers an experience tailored uniquely for the RSL community.


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Full Digitalisation

Streamline club operations with our system. Effortlessly onboard members and guests, monitor important dates and activities, and get renewal alerts, ensuring an integrated experience for all.

Privacy & Security

Honour the legacy of service members by safeguarding their data. Transition to our digital Venue Management system, prioritising members’ privacy with encrypted cloud storage.

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Go Paperless

Embrace modern efficiency with our streamlined sign-in process. Identify members, guests, and visitors using custom cards or IDs, promoting an eco-friendly club environment.

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Swift & User Friendly

iDU offers an RSL Clubs-focused management solution that prioritises speed, precision, and user-friendliness. Ditch those outdated systems and embrace a modern, streamlined approach that not only boosts your club’s operations but also significantly enriches the member experience.

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Data-Driven Capture

Utilise our innovative OCR technology for seamless ID processing. Harness actionable insights to robustly boost RSL club engagement, inform strategic plans, and refine communication through tailored email and SMS, enriching both member and guest interactions.

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24/7 Club Support

Our Brisbane-based team is dedicated to the RSL community. With 24/7 personalised tech support and exceptional customer service, we facilitate seamless sign-ins and efficient RSL club management.

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Ban Management

Ensure RSL club safety by meticulously documenting and enforcing bans, including self-imposed by patrons. Our system is backed by Australia’s top ban network, offering premium protection for the RSL community.

Fully Mobile

Our mobile-friendly Venue Management system is designed for RSL clubs, ensuring easy management of members and guests on the go. Utilise your club’s WiFi for wire-free flexibility and effortless movement throughout the venue.

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Whether you’re a Pub, Nightclub, Private Members Club, RSL or Family-Friendly Sports Club, iDU has the solution for you.

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