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Superb Speed & Accuracy

IDU’s cutting edge ID scanning solution offers superb speed and accuracy through the use of our tablet based solution, high quality camera, and software to enable fast and accurate scanning. Compatible with 3,500+ scannable domestic and international IDs; scan IDs like never before!

P.S. We even let the operator know if it’s the patron’s birthday!

Mobile Scanner

The tablet-based IDU scanner is easily mobilised around your venue, no hard wires, no bolts to the floor or wall and no more cumbersome ID scanners! Simply leveraging your venue’s WiFi, navigate around your venue with ease.

Cellular IDU scanners are also available for optimal mobility and convenience!

Accepts Any Valid ID

Accept any valid ID recognised as approved proof of identity to access a licensed venue. IDU can scan 3,500+ IDs internationally, including any valid passport, a huge range of domestic and international drivers licenses, proof of age cards and Australia Post Keypasses! The best part? If you experience problems with any ID or cannot scan an ID, our team is committed to working with you to make these available ASAP!

Prevent Known Troublemakers

Keep known troublemakers out and be alerted when a patron is subject to a ban from not only your venue but other connected venues. If you’re a QLD Safe Night Precinct venue, alerts are also displayed for official QPS or Magistrate bans. As a result, IDU helps to create a safer environment within your venue by identifying known problem patrons at your front door.

Secure Multiple Entrances

IDU scanners sync in real-time at each entry point to the venue! Real-time syncing prevents ID passing and allows operators to be alerted if a patron has potentially entered into the venue earlier that night or even if they had previously been rejected that night. This stops patrons waiting for a guard/operator change over to attempt to regain entry if they had previously been rejected.

Live Patron Counter

Ditch the clunky physical patron counters and semi-automatically keep track of your live occupancy for COVID compliance. For each scan of an accepted patron, the patron count automatically increases, leaving the operator to simply keep track of the patrons leaving. With an inbuilt capacity tracker, keeping track of patrons in your venue has never been easier!

Reward Loyal Customers

Reward your loyal or VIP customers with IDU’s new VIP feature! Helping to make these special customers’ nights more enjoyable, simply add them as a VIP and the IDU scanner does the rest. You can even add a description or note for each VIP, so the operator can help to make your VIPs feel extra special (e.g. “Free Entry” or “First Drink Free”).

Reliable Cloud Based Tech

The IDU scanner leverages reliable Australia-based cloud technology to ensure the safety, security and scalability of the IDU next-gen ID scanners. No hard wiring, simply and automatically connect to our cloud servers via your venue’s WiFi network for an easy onboarding and scanning experience.

Not only does this make scanning easier but also means you can access the IDU back-of-house manager portal anywhere at any time! Even from your phone, or even while on holiday at the beach!

24/7 Customer Support

At IDU we pride ourselves on our professional and personable tech support. Our team is here to provide you with personalised and outstanding customer service. Our team of Brisbane & Melbourne-based professionals are here to help when it counts, no matter how small the issue.

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Loved by 200+ Venues Across Australia

Whether you’re a Pub, Nightclub, Adult Entertainment Venue or Family-Friendly Sport Club, IDU has the solution for you.

IDU Testimonial - Solbar Group
IDU Testimonial - Caxton Hotel
IDU Testimonial - The Gresham

Why Do You IDU?

Hear some testimonials from venues just like yours on why IDU is quickly becoming the preferred ID scanning solution for venues across Australia.

It was not a difficult decision to engage IDU, as this product was presented as far superior to the competition. This has proved to be the case in our circumstances. The enthusiasm is still evident, the product keeps evolving as requirements and legislation change, and the product knowledge is the industry’s best.

Mitch and his team have continued to work closely with our management team and they continue to innovate and assist wherever they see a need.

The versatility and mobility of these resources are ideal for The Caxton Hotel and have handled the large football crowds with speed and accuracy.

I highly recommend Mitch Robinson as a fine young man and a very astute operator in this business environment. IDU is quickly becoming the leading light in their field.

IDU Testimonial - Caxton Hotel
Ross Farquhar
Caxton Hotel

In June 2020 I changed my scanning system to IDU and I could not be happier with the product. The platform allows us to conduct our business in a timely and efficient way. The unit itself is small and sleek and very easy to use. I’ve always found the company’s representatives to be attentive and professional. As the General Manager of the Drunken Monkey group, I would highly recommend IDU identification to other venues and hospitality groups.

IDU Testimonial - Drunken Monkey Group
Harlen Pointing
Suzie Wongs & Brooklyn Standard

As a long-time user of ID scanning technology, the decision to switch to IDU Identification was considered deeply. In the end it came down to a few key points; Ease of use, speed of scans and customer service. IDU comes out on top in all these areas.

Put simply; these units are light, easy to use and get the required details the first time, every time. The result is less time in lines, less pressure on crowd control and ultimately happier customers.

The tech is cleverly developed in close consultation with industry and the IDU team displays an energetic desire to continually improve the operator and customer experience. IDU scanners are a game-changer for my business and I recommend them thoroughly.

IDU Testimonial - Solbar Group
Alex Johns
Solbar & Old Soul Maroochydore & Sunshine Coast SNP

We have been working with Mitch and his Team from IDU since July 2020, ever since we started working with them it’s been an absolute breeze.

Always contactable and always ready to help out when requested and they always go above and beyond to assist.

The iDU scanners have made scanning into our venue quicker and easier and also more efficient.

With the reliable systems, ongoing upgrades and the training IDU provides, I would recommend anyone who has a venue to use the iDU scanner system.

IDU Testimonial - Kittens
Dale Kettle
Kittens Brisbane

IDU is so easy to use, handheld and effective for busy bars! Not only are they super easy to use, but the tech support is also fantastic and personable!

IDU Testimonial - The Gresham
Zach Mynott
The Gresham Bar

Results are Amazing – I recommend IDU to all venues who are in need of ID scanning and by far is the No. 1 ID scanning equipment to date. It’s easy to use, reliable, and customer service is beyond par. Ever since the switch I haven’t looked back.

Alex Hall
The Prince Consort & Fortitude Valley SNP

IDU has been fantastic since coming onto the scene. Quick and efficient portable ID scanning. Mitch and his team have always been willing to train and improve the scanning process. By taking on industry feedback, they have been able to create the best possible system. I highly recommend to all our clients.

Trent Sowry
ANSIC Security

Paddy’s Shenanigans signed up with IDU to assist us with delivering a seamless, fast and safe entry and party going experience, having used other solutions in the past and finding them lacking. IDU has given us the exact faster and flexible solution to our entry legal requirements we required. We’ve found Mitch and his team are brilliant to communicate with and the innovation and work they are doing will ensure they are stalwarts in the late night industry for years to come.

Tim Langford
Paddy's Shenanigans & Airlie Beach SNP

We use IDU scanners at Savile Row and they have been a life saver. It’s very clear the amount of thought and preparation that went in to the production of their systems, for every problem that we had with previous providers IDU had a solution for said problems.

Jacob Cohen
Savile Row

We believe that the IDU scanning system to be the best system on the market at this present time and for all time. With the constant research and development conducted by the company, this scanning system just gets better by the minute. The staff are great to deal with and solve any issues without hesitation. Our staff and clients love the system because of its accuracy and how easy it is to learn and use. We would not hesitate to recommend IDU for all your scanning needs.

Deane Lawler
CSO Security Solutions

The system (IDU) gives our staff freedom and flexibility in how we manage the important scanning process at the point of entry each night. We’re focused on giving our patrons the best and safest experience possible and we know IDU is part of that commitment for us.

Albert Hakfoort
Hakfoort Group