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Fast & Simple

IDU’s cutting edge venue management solution offers superb speed and accuracy through the use of our app-based solution to enable fast and simple venue management. Our software replaces complicated and clunky legacy systems with an efficient solution that is not only easier for venue managers’ to handle but also improves the viability of business operations and enables better quality service.

P.S. We even let you know if it’s the patron’s birthday so you can celebrate with them!

Go Paperless

Do away with your paper sign-in forms and filing cabinets by using IDU’s app-based venue management system. Our system uses any customised venue membership card or valid ID to quickly identify a club member, guest or visitor without them having to physically sign-in manually. This completely eliminates the need for you to use paper forms and makes sign-in simple and easy for your patrons and members.

Digital Membership Management

Keeping track of your members can be a complicated and time consuming task for venues at the best of times. Our system provides venues with digital membership management, so you can instantly identify members, quickly and easily and new members and keep track of membership numbers all in the one place. Our platform even provides notifications for memberships close to expiry, helping you keep on top of membership renewals.

Fully mobile to meet your needs

IDU’s app-based Venue Management system is able to support mobile use, allowing you to manage patrons and members from anywhere in your venue. No wires or bolts to the floor, desk or wall, by leveraging your venue’s WiFi, you can simply pick up the IDU Venue Management system and move around your venue as you please.

Privacy & Security

Venue entry processes which require patrons to physically provide their details in a paper sign-in book are susceptible to privacy and security breaches and put your venue at risk. IDU’s digital Venue Management system ensures that your patron’s and member’s personal details are submitted discretely and stored securely, de-risking your data management and protecting your business. By digitally extracting and storing patron and member information on encrypted cloud-based servers, you can rest assured that the personal details of your patrons and members have never been safer.

Digital Self-Exclusion Management

IDU Venue Management also provides digital self-exclusion management for sports clubs, community clubs and RSLs with gaming machines. We remove the hassle of having to constantly be on the lookout for individuals who have elected to self-exclude while also meeting the appropriate privacy and security requirements. This alleviates the burden on venue staff and de-risks the club from unknowingly admitting a self-excluded patron.

24/7 Customer Support

At IDU we pride ourselves on our professional and personable tech support. Our team is here to provide you with personalised and outstanding customer service. Our team of Brisbane based professionals are here to help, no matter how small the issue. We also provide assistance with the creation of a digital scannable template for membership to ensure a smooth sign-in process for your members.

Loved by 200+ Venues Across Australia

Whether you’re a Pub, Nightclub, Private Members Club, RSL or Family-Friendly Sports Club, IDU has the solution for you.

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